GD30FDC can be powered at any voltage within the 12 to 42V DC range, and is designed for a capillary tube expansion system. Each unit is supplied with a dedicated electronic driver (FDC1), which features all the protections for both the battery and the driver itself, including the compressor motor. The driver automatically adjusts itself to the voltage of the power supply.

FDC1 electronic driver includes Smart Speed® as a programming option, which is a plug-in system for automatically self-adapting the compressor speed to the current thermal load.

Smart Speed® reduces the number of thermostat cycles by minimizing compressor speed, enlarging on-time at every thermostat cycle, so that start/stop energy losses are substantially reduced. Lowest speed also yields the highest evaporating temperature, and thus the highest COP and lowest energy consumption.

GD30FDC Main Advantages and Benefits

  • Exceptionally silent. Virtually noiseless.
  • No remote electronic drivers needed. The already included electronic driver is enough to power and control the compressor.
  • Prepare to operate silently, efficiently and reliably even up to tilt angles of 30º.
  • Starting capability is as low as 10V under balanced pressures conditions.
  • Speed self-adaptation to the real cooling needs by means of the "Smart Speed" feature.
  • Built-in protections: against battery discharge, fan over-current, starting failure, compressor overload and electronic driver overheat.
  • Wide working range: from -30ºC to +10ºC evaporating temperature range.
  • Compatible with our compressors' FxC programming software.
  • Compressor able to work up to 43ºC ambient temperature.


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» Download GD30FDC Programming Software Kit

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