DC Compressors for mobile applications

Mobile Cooling Solutions: Reliability and Comfort

Cubigel Compressors® are the best solution for compressors for mobile applications, which are designed to operate from 12 – 42V DC power supply.

Compressors for mobile applications are used in recreational vehicles, such as boats, caravans, cars that are equipped with refrigerators and freezers; and also in trucks or other transportation vehicles equipped with an air conditioner in the sleeping cabins.

Our Mobile Compressors

Mobile Compressors for R134a with GD30FDC in LBP, MBP and HBP applications and GLT80TDC for HMBP applications are already available in Huayi Compressor Barcelona product range.

The electronic driver from our Mobile Compressors include the Smart Speed® programming option, which is a plug-in system for automatically self-adapting the compressor speed to the current thermal load.

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