Huayi Compressor Barcelona offers high quality hermetic condensing units with a wide range of options for most commercial refrigeration applications in LBP, HBMP and HBP, most of them being able to work under tropical temperature conditions. The range of condensing unit models covers both standard and customized versions.

Features, Benefits and Customized versions

Features and Benefits


• Complete range from 1.4 to 38cc
• High reliability & top quality components
• High efficiency version available
• R290 versions available
• Specific customized range
• Designed to work under 43ºC
• Suitable for all refrigerants & applications

Main specific components


• Special power supply cable
• Special assembly supports (base plates)
• Dryer filters included (ceramic, molecular)
• Special pressure switches
• Non-assembled components
• Thermostat cables
• Special copper tubes (T connections)
• Sight glass
• Schrader valves
• Specific packaging
• Capillary tube
• Drain tray

Main specific services


• Units UL approved on request
• Certified laboratory facilities at customer disposal
• Quick prototype building
• Quick quotation system

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