Green Cooling Ranges

Sustainable Compressors for Commercial Refrigeration Applications

Commercial refrigeration manufacturers are focusing their efforts to produce more efficient applications in order to satisfy the needs of reducing operating costs of the refrigeration equipment installed in supermarkets, retail premises and restaurants; where saving energy has become a topic of the major concern.

The accurate design of the application and the correct selection of the components -such as efficient compressors, fan motors, greater insulation thickness of the cabinet walls, larger condensers, low consumption lighting- are the key to reducing the total energy consumption of the application. The compressor is one of the components with the highest impact in terms of energy consumption in the appliance.

The advanced design of Cubigel Compressors® Green Cooling ranges allows a remarkable efficiency improvement by becoming the most suitable component for a sustainable refrigeration application.

The compressors are suitable for Natural Refrigerants such as propane (R290) and isobutene (R600a), which have being introduced in commercial appliances, not only due to the replacement of HFCs refrigerants which have a high impact on the environment, but also because it is more efficient in terms of performance and applications energy consumption.

Advantages and benefits when using the Green Cooling Range

  • Better appliances performance
  • Energy savings, thus, a reduction in operative costs for final clients
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere
  • Availability of the most extended range of efficient compressor with natural refrigerant for any type of applications
  • Use with natural refrigerants which has no direct contribution to global warming

The green cooling ranges comprises the High Efficiency Range, Natural Refrigerants Compressors and the Variable Speed Compressors.

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