12-24VDC and Dual DC/AC compressor range for mobile applications.
New range of multi-refrigerant condensing units by Cubigel Compressors R404A · R452A · R448A · R449A · R454C · R455A · R450 · R513A

Top efficiency compressors up to 1.9 W/W in LBP

Includes a totally redesigned shell, more rounded, which reduces the noise level and the vibration

Huayi Compressor position for determining the most accurate replacement to R404A and R134a

Huayi Compressor Barcelona has reached a new position for determining the most accurate replacement to R404A

Extended range up to 27cc with Improved efficiency
More than 35 new compressor models designed for our customers
Information about all compressor models launched during 2015
Models equivalences
The most efficient compact size extremely silent green cooling compressors.
New extended green cooling L, P and D models
New Green Cooling extended L models
New GPT18RA Green Cooling extended P model
General information of the green cooling range, advantages and applications.
General information of the electronic controlled compressors, advantages and applications.
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