Tuesday, 03 May 2016 00:00

HCB has recently updated the Cross Reference App, which is now available in Imperial units. This dynamic tool for IOS and Android, allows you to find Cubigel Compressors® model equivalences among other models of the main brands of compressors available on the market. From now on, you can select the units to see performance data between kCal/h | ºC | Kg | cm and BTU/h | ºF | Lbs | in. Just go to the “Settings” option and change your preferences.

Remember that the App also provides you with the location of the nearest distributor based on the current position and a quick search of our complete catalogue of products.

Thursday, 28 January 2016 00:00

In our eagerness to offer useful tools to help the daily work of our customers, we have created a new APP for smartphones and tablets that allows searching for our products in an easy and immediate manner. The new Cross Reference APP by Cubigel Compressors® allows the quick search of our catalogue products along with the equivalences of the existing models in the market.

This APP is designed to simplify the search, making it more intuitive and functional. Our distributors, installers, technicians and any professional of the Refrigeration sector who may need a quick product reference can find the best alternative of our compressors only with a click.

Furthermore, this application allows finding the nearest store of our distribution network in a comfortable way without losing time.

The APP is available for IOS and Android where it can be downloaded from the corresponding APP Store and Google Play for immediate use: Simply enter the compressor model that you wish to find and the APP will show the cross information of our equivalence.

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