Wednesday, 12 November 2014 00:00

Huayi Compressor Barcelona launches the NLT60FSN Variable Speed Compressor for HMBP commercial applications. The NLT60FSN is designed to operate under HMBP conditions with R290 refrigerant, at speeds between 1800 and 3600 rpm, offering the highest COP in the market for this kind of application.

The NLT60FSN offers low energy consumption by adopting electronically-controlled running modes. Its high efficiency mechanics and brush-less electrical motor, along with a system that regulates the speed in accordance with the needs of the system, makes the thermodynamic cycle more efficient, allowing up to a 50% decrease in energy consumption compared to a standard compressor.

In the following table you will see the differences in terms of COP with respect to the R290 HMBP standard and high efficiency compressors from Huayi Compressor Barcelona's current product range (in ASHRAE conditions at +7.2ºC evaporating and 55ºC condensing temperatures):

Table NLT60FSN
The optimum speed where the performance of the mechanics and electrical motor is optimum is around 2100 - 2200rpm, which is the speed at which the COP of the NLT60FSN is highest.

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