The Variable Speed offers the lowest applications' energy consumption by means of electronically self-adjusting the compressors speed to the appliance cooling needs, while improving COP up to 50%.

Commercial refrigeration manufacturers are focusing their efforts to produce more efficient applications in order to satisfy the needs of reducing operating costs of the refrigeration equipment installed in supermarkets, retail premises and restaurants, where saving energy has become a topic of the major concern.

The accurate design of the application and the right selection of the components -such as efficient compressors, fan motors, greater insulation thickness of the cabinet walls, larger condensers, low consumption lighting- is the key to reducing the total energy consumption of the application. The compressor is one of the components with highest impact in terms of energy consumption in the appliance.

Variable Speed Compressors are the solution for obtaining the maximum energy reduction, basically because full compressor capacity is not always needed, so this technology dynamically adapts the compressor's cooling capacity to the appliance's needs by adopting electronically-controlled running speed, optimizing the system's performance.

The benefits obtained by using Variable Speed Compressors are:

  • Possibility of covering several standard compressor models of different cabinet volumes with just one compressor model.
  • Compressor power consumption reduction up to 45% and 50% in comparison to standard compressors. This energy saving can be over 40% considering the total appliance power consumption (just due to the compressor).


  • Reduces the pull-down time by means of running at a higher speed when it is needed.
  • Reduces the number of start-ups/stops of the compressor.
  • Modifies the speed until the achieving the longest duty cycle possible.
  • Lower noise level
  • Longer expected compressor life due to the fact that the compressor is usually running at a lower speed than a standard compressor.
  • Drop in electronic driver system for automatically self-adapting the compressor speed to the current thermal load by means of the "Smart Speed" programming option.
  • Compatible for electromechanical and electronic thermostats.

Variable Speed Compressors are available for R134a with GLT99FSN in HMBP application model and for R290 with NPT12FSC (LBP) and NLT60FSN (HMBP). With these 2 last models, a major benefit has been obtained from the use of Natural Refrigerants: A better performance and the avoidance of contributing to global warming.

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