Participation in TECNOFRÍO 2019

Written by  Marketing Tuesday, 12 November 2019 00:00

Vicente Guilabert, Vice General Manager R + D and QA from Huayi Compressors, gave an interesting presentation at the Tecnofrío’19 Congress that took place in Madrid on October 16 and 17, 2019 that aroused great interest from the light commercial refrigeration sector.

The presentation centered in the impact of the announcement made by the International Electrotechnical Commission last May, which finally approved the new edition of the IEC60335-2-89 standard that, among other things, defines the increase in charge limit for A3 (flammable) refrigerants at 500 gr. from 150 gr., as well as an increase in the charge limit for A2 and A2L (low flammable refrigerants) to 1,200 gr. from 150 gr.

From the technical and practical point of view, Tecnofrío focused on the impact of the new load limits on the sector, and also the impact from a strategic point of view. In particular, the uncertainty about the requirements of the use of low GWP refrigerant gases according to the requirement of the F-Gas Directive that has existed in the sector in recent years was one of the main topics, and in the other hand, the impossibility to extend the use of low GWP but flammable refrigerant gases beyond 150 g per circuit. After the announcement made in May by the IEC, most of the doubts remain clear in the absence of knowing when the new edition of the international standard (IEC) will have its European version EN60335-2-89 (and consequently when it will be of practical application in Europe).

Finally, Vicente Guilabert said that Huayi Compressors - as a world leader in the design and manufacture of hermetic compressors for domestic and light commercial refrigeration - has always closely followed the evolution of the sector's needs and regulations. This meant that in recent years Huayi has anticipated the new edition of the standard by developing compressors capable of working with charges bigger than 150 g for flammable refrigerants.


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