Huayi Compressor Barcelona 1st Customer's Day Huayi Compressor Barcelona 1st Customer's Day

1st Customer's Day - Huayi Compressor Barcelona

Written by  Monday, 18 November 2013 16:21
On November 6, Huayi Compressor Barcelona carried out the 1st Customer's Day. Under the slogan "Reaching Success Through Partnership", our customers had the opportunity, in a relaxed atmosphere, to get to know the company's new Board of Directors, its strategy and to exchange impressions about our products and the trends of the compressor market.

The day was divided into two parts, the first, of a corporate nature, where we had the opportunity to take the participants on a factory tour, followed by a presentation about the Huayi Group, the new company Huayi Compressor Barcelona, its objectives and vision, the products, new developments and new refrigerants.

The second part, a more entertaining activity, the customers along with Huayi staff enjoyed a cocktail in the facilities of the Camp Nou Stadium, followed by attending the Champions League match between Barça – Milan.

We are convinced that with this 1st Customer's Day we will reach our objective of strengthening our ties, transforming the business relation with our customers into a partnership relation that will allow growth and interchange for innovation and mutual benefits for all of us.

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