Huayi Compressor Barcelona

Huayi Compressor Barcelona

On May 20, 2024, in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, the Huayi Cubigel Global Customer Conference and the Global Summit of Light Commercial Refrigeration Compressor Industry were grandly held under the theme "Unite for a Winning Future." Esteemed leaders including Mr. Jiang Feng, Executive Chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, and Secretary General Mr. Wang Lei, along with representatives from top OEM clients and distributors across five continents, industry professionals from Industrial Online, ATMOSPHERE, JARN, and more, gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The year 2023 marked a significant milestone for Huayi Cubigel as it achieved global leadership in both household and light commercial compressor sales. This achievement holds special significance as it signifies eleven consecutive years of global leadership in household compressor sales since 2013, coupled with attaining the top position in light commercial compressor sales for the first time. The choice of Barcelona as the venue for this conference holds historical significance as it is the location of the Spanish factory acquired by Huayi in 2012, formerly known as CUBIGEL since 1962. Under the leadership of Huayi Group and the collective efforts of all employees, we have overcome challenges and established our brand positioning as the "Global Leader in Light Commercial Expertise+." We advocate core brand values of "Professional Trust, Green Environmental Protection, Innovation-Driven, and Product Leadership," leading industry trends with sustainable development possibilities, earning global customer recognition and trust through continuous enhancement of our capabilities, improving all operational metrics, and setting new historical highs on our journey towards "Building a World-Class Brand, Constructing a World-Class Enterprise."

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After our traditional cooling solution for normal vaccine and bio-medical equipment, Huayi and Cubigel is now ready for the recent new ULT system, which will be needed to accommodate the big challenges for the COVID-19 vaccines that require strict temperatures of -70°C up to until 24 hours before injected.

As the global leader of the Household and Light commercial cooling compressor, Huayi Group is developing a fully dedicated range of compressors for this purpose under its Cubigel brand. The new compressors range is going to cover a wide range of cooling capacity which is required by the various ULT appliances. Besides the traditional HFC solutions for ULT systems, the new development is also available in HC alternatives with better environment performance.


 From R404A to 508B ULT

From R290 to R170 ULT




 fixed speed





In front of the pandemic, it is our responsibility to provide the best technical solution for safe reservation of vaccines. Huayi Compressors Group is ready to closely collaborate with customers who are interested in this emerging niche market, to fully optimize the whole system by combining the expertise from both parties.


Any questions you can get in touch at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Light Commercial R+D center

Changhong Huayi Compressor CO.Ltd, has recently founded its new product R-D center dedicated to light commercial cooling compressors.

As revealed, this center is located in its subsidiary of Jiaxipera, in Jiaxing oin the Zhejiang province and very close to Shanghai. As this is one of most economically vigorous and innovative areas in China, the center will be able to maintain and attract talents from all over the world and take advantage of the exhibition of relevant information and intelligence in the most cutting-edge technologies.

The newly established R-D center has not only pooled more than 40 highly experienced engineers from all of its three subsidiaries, but is also looking for global talents to further reinforce its capabilities in  research and development. The people will be divided into teams dedicated to mechanical, motor, electric parts, control board and application, all of which are highly related to a high performance and reliable light commercial cooling compressor.

Huayi, which acquired Cubigel in 2012 and since then officially entered into the light commercial business from household compressor, has experienced a fast growth over the past 8 years for its light commercial business, and now sustainably being the biggest manufacturer of cooling compressors in the world.

This R-D center specialized in light commercial, together with its sister company dedicated to household products, has shown Huayi's resolute strategy to further develop its business through continuously innovative products.

Light Commercial R+D center

Friday, 23 October 2020 00:00

New S Range



Huayi Compressor Barcelona is pleased to announce the introduction of the New S range. This new range includes a totally redesigned shell which reduces the noise level up to 5dB(A) and vibration. At the same time we introduce a new range of models with enhanced efficiency, displacement extension up to 38cc and models for R290.

The New S does not affect de compressor height; keeps the electrical connections unchanged, producing only a small variation of the tube connections position for booth, discharge tube and valve adapter. The new configuration is designed to fit into Huayi Compressor Barcelona customer appliances with minimal changes. The single box packaging will remain unchanged. You will find two drawings to compare the new and current configurations.

This improvement will be applied to all our S range compressors. The New S will be available in the market from November 2020 (subject to stock depletion of the current version).



Many vehicles for transportation of goods or recreation, such as trucks, caravans, boats, cars, etc. are often equipped with cooling appliances. The compressors for such mobile applications must be designed to operate from a low voltage DC power supply. These compressors must also be compact in their dimensions, highly reliable and yield high performances.

For this reason, Huayi Compressor Barcelona has introduced a new range of DC compressors. This new range if formed by several models working with R134a and R600a and able to work with DC and AC current. This is Cubigel Compressors®’s answer to the needs of users requiring comfort and reliability in their travelling, either on holidays, at work or in any other circumstance where a DC powered refrigerator is utilized. These compressors are designed to operate silently, efficiently and reliably even up to angles of tilt of 30º, and with a wide range of operating working conditions as they can be used in freezers, refrigerator, coolers and air conditioning.

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