ATMOsphere Europe 2016 – The event for Natural Refrigerants

Written by  Friday, 22 April 2016 00:00

Shecco has consolidated ATMOsphere as the event to discuss worldwide Natural Refrigerants trends.

During this last ATMOsphere Europe edition held in Barcelona on the 19 and 20 of April, 2016, we had the opportunity to participate with the presentation of our R&D Director Vicente Guilabert about low energy consumption in a R290 bottle cooler with variable speed compressor. In this real case study, it has been demonstrated the efficiency improvement of a bottle cooler when using our propane compressor NLT60FSN, obtaining 39% reduction of energy consumption compared to another standard compressor model NL60TB, also in propane. 

Along different talks during these two days of conferences, it has been raised the challenge of R290 load charge to 150gr for light commercial refrigeration appliances. Vicente mentioned that “a small part of the range of compressors for our market is not covered with Hydrocarbons, that in fact, we are prepared for the use of alternative refrigerants, but in any case we continue saying that hydrocarbons - in particular propane - is the most efficient and suitable solution“.

If we add to the propane efficiency, the benefits of the variable speed, we obtain these excellent results. One of the reasons - among many others - is that maximum capacity of the compressor is not always need it, most of the time compressor is running in low speed mode while consumption is lower during these moments.

At the end, all this energy reduction is translated into reduction of CO2 emissions to the environment, at the same time that we observe energy cost savings, both direct benefits that end users enjoy.

As a conclusion we can say that R290 is one of the best alternatives of Natural Refrigerants with and excellent GWP, where systems don’t require significant changes respect to current HFC’s or other ecological alternatives as in the case of CO2. R290 has been applied in the most efficient appliances produced in Europe from last years with very positive results in thousands units running.

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