Huayi Group Establishes its Light Commercial Product R-D Center

Written by  Wednesday, 16 December 2020 00:00
Light Commercial R+D center

Changhong Huayi Compressor CO.Ltd, has recently founded its new product R-D center dedicated to light commercial cooling compressors.

As revealed, this center is located in its subsidiary of Jiaxipera, in Jiaxing oin the Zhejiang province and very close to Shanghai. As this is one of most economically vigorous and innovative areas in China, the center will be able to maintain and attract talents from all over the world and take advantage of the exhibition of relevant information and intelligence in the most cutting-edge technologies.

The newly established R-D center has not only pooled more than 40 highly experienced engineers from all of its three subsidiaries, but is also looking for global talents to further reinforce its capabilities in  research and development. The people will be divided into teams dedicated to mechanical, motor, electric parts, control board and application, all of which are highly related to a high performance and reliable light commercial cooling compressor.

Huayi, which acquired Cubigel in 2012 and since then officially entered into the light commercial business from household compressor, has experienced a fast growth over the past 8 years for its light commercial business, and now sustainably being the biggest manufacturer of cooling compressors in the world.

This R-D center specialized in light commercial, together with its sister company dedicated to household products, has shown Huayi's resolute strategy to further develop its business through continuously innovative products.

Light Commercial R+D center


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