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The trend towards the use of natural refrigerants as the main alternative to HFCs is clear in the light commercial market. The use of Isobutene in household refrigerators is already standard in most countries due to its low GWP and better efficiency. Following this trend, Propane is becoming the most widely used and best alternative for light commercial applications. It allows F-Gas regulation deadlines to be met and together with R600a provides a definitive solution.

The only drawback is the refrigerant charge limit that is currently restricting its use in some applications. In this respect, there is a new regulation under discussion that could solve this weakness of Hydrocarbons. In the meantime, a lot of new blends are arriving on the market offering temporary solutions and creating confusion. Most of these new refrigerants are not direct replacements for current refrigerants and not as efficient as Hydrocarbons.

We saw in the last ATMOsphere conferences, at Berlin and Madrid, that the market is more and more convinced of the use of natural refrigerants as the best solution. For example, at Huayi Group we have a complete range of compressors working with R600a and R290 covering different applications and a wide range of cooling capacities and voltages. Most of our new developments go in this direction, combining natural refrigerants with more efficient solutions, such as variable speed compressors.
Next year, we will be launching a new product following these two main aspects to meet market requirements. 
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Huayi Compressor Barcelona participated in the ATMOsphere events organised by Shecco. These conferences are among the most comprehensive events for natural refrigerants.
This time round, the ATMOsphere events for Europe and Ibérica areas were held in Berlin and Madrid, respectively.

These events are an excellent meeting point for decision makers in refrigeration markets, such as Europe and Ibérica, focusing on each other’s specific needs and behaviour.

The conference programmes include presentations from leading experts across the HVAC&R industry.
At ATMOsphere Europe, held in Berlin last September, Vicente Guilabert, R&D Director at Huayi Compressor Barcelona, SL shared the case study “R290 compressor range for small light commercial applications”. The case study demonstrated the benefits of using the smallest R290 compressor in a very small can cooler as a replacement for the previous R134a system.
In Madrid, Pedro Olalla participated in the discussion panel “Market trends of natural refrigerants”, sharing Huayi Compressor Barcelona’s experience and vision of the local market.
You can download the presentations by clicking here. 
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Huayi Compressor Barcelona will attend the second AHR Expo exhibition to be held next year in Chicago, from January 22-24.

This leading event of the American HVACR world is an opportunity for the group to present its latest innovations in compressors for the light commercial and domestic refrigeration markets, focusing on natural refrigerants and energy efficiency.

We hope to see you at our booth next January 2018! 
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Huayi Compressor Barcelona is pleased to announce that its existing condensing unit product range is already in compliance with the coming 2018 Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/CE review, with more demanding requirements in terms of energy efficiency. The tests have been performed according to the EN 13215 standard.
This is the result of Huayi’s long experience in designing compressors, and consequently condensing units; focusing on offering maximum energy efficiency while, at the same time, being more environmentally friendly through using a large catalogue of solutions with natural refrigerants.


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