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In recent years, concern for the environment has become more and more present in our society as shown by the new regulations on the use of HFC’s. Both in Europe and the US, propane is already used in several light commercial applications in the market.

Huayi Compressor Barcelona is aware of this change and is continuously improving the range, for this reason, during last year 2016; it launched to the market more than 35 new compressors for all refrigeration needs and type of applications, extending our offer of products for the ranges B, U and S.

Discover all the new models, download pdf.
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Dear Customer,

Four years have passed since we became part of Huayi Group and looking back, I have to say that these four years have been very successful. Looking forward, I also see a very brilliant future for Huayi Compressor Barcelona and Huayi Group. 

During these four years we have consolidated our position in the light commercial refrigeration market and we have launched new products, like the U range two years ago, Small L and B ranges this year and we will present in Chillventa the new generation of our X range, with higher efficiency, lower noise and an extended range reaching 27 cc. We have also extended our L and P ranges with new models and displacements, always trying to meet the market requirements in terms of performance and competiveness.

During these years we have also opened and penetrated new markets allowing us to increase our presence worldwide and our sales. We are going to continue working with the same enthusiasm in order to offer you always the most advanced product to overcome together the challenges we could face in the coming years.

Thank you for your loyalty and partnership during these years, we will be very glad to meet you at our booth in Chillventa.

Pedro Olalla
Sales Director

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This year during the Chillventa 2016 Exhibition, Huayi Compressor Barcelona will introduce in its stand 6-106, the new range of compressors Small L and B. This new product line is very compact, covering from 30 W to 420 W in terms of cooling capacity, working with R134a, R600a and R290 and suitable for LBP and HMBP applications.

Other new products the company will exhibit include the new extended models for L and P ranges, covering more displacement.
Huayi will also announce the development of the next generation of the X range with better performance in terms of cooling capacity coverage, efficiency and noise.

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New Alternative Refrigerants to R404A

Huayi Compressor Barcelona follows the refrigerant trends and is committed to alternatives to refrigerants with high global warming potential (GWP). Apart from an extended range of R290, Huayi Compressor Barcelona has performed several tests with different R404A alternatives trying to find a suitable solution that can comply with the new refrigerant regulations.

The current F-Gas regulation in Europe and the EPA in the United States are limiting the use of high GWP refrigerants in upcoming years. Apart from hydrocarbons, such as R290 and R600a, different alternative refrigerants for the R404A were offered by refrigerant manufacturers.
This paper summarizes all the results found during the test with the alternative refrigerants R449A and R452A.

See document at: http://www.huayicompressor.es/index.php/technical-information/brochures/file/129-huayi-statement-new-refrigerants


Guidelines for the use of R290

The increasing use of natural refrigerants in commercial applications such as propane (R290) and isobutene (R600a) is a priority, not only due to the need to replace HFC refrigerants, which have a high impact on the environment, but also because they are more ef?cient in terms of performance and energy consumption.

Huayi Compressor Barcelona believes that R290 represents the best long-term solution as an alternative for the R404A for light commercial applications.

The aim of these guidelines is to provide the necessary information for the use of the R290.

See document at: http://www.huayicompressor.es/index.php/technical-information/technical-notes/file/75-technical-note-use-of-r290-refrigerant-english


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