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We are glad to introduce you the new Ranges Small L and B. These two new series are the more compact compressors of our product range of Cubigel Compressors®, covering a wider displacement while being very efficient.

B and Small L models are perfectly suitable for any type of applications such as small refrigerators and freezer, water coolers, can and bottle coolers, among others, where displacement between 1.6 cc and 6.5 cc is required.

The advanced design of the Small L and B Ranges offers the market the best option for minimizing energy consumption.

For further information, please download the complete information in our Small L and B Catalogue from our Website. In this brochure you will have all technical information, dimensional drawings and performances. Also, you are welcome to browse the corresponding Technical Data Sheets in our on-line catalogue.

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Huayi Compressor Co. Ltd has been listed for 20 years on the Chinese Stock Market. Since the founding of the company in 1990, we began with the production of small- and medium-sized compressors, becoming today the largest company in the sector with sales of 39 million of units last year.

One of the main strategies of this success is the diversification from Household compressors to Light Commercial Refrigeration. At this new point, while we continue enhancing and consolidating our position in the household and light commercial refrigeration business, we are also looking for new opportunities for further diversification and growth.
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Dear Customer,

The refrigeration business is living a period of continuous changes, especially due to new regulations focused on reducing and banning the use of refrigerants with high GWP. In Europe we have the F-Gas regulation and Snap in the USA, in both cases they are targeting the phasing out of HFC.

We still believe that the best option is hydrocarbons, but due to the charge limitation and flammability some markets are looking for alternatives like R449 and R452, among others. At Huayi Compressors Barcelona we are working to approve our compressors with the new blends in order to meet the new market demands.

Another aspect is energy consumption, in Europe we have the Eco-Design directive that will introduce energy labelling for light commercial applications and DOE in the USA. In this case we are also developing more efficient products, mainly working with hydrocarbons, like the U Range and L / P extended models. We are convinced this will be the trend in the upcoming years, lower energy consumption and a wider use of natural refrigerants; based on this, we are committed to developing the most suitable products meeting these two requirements.
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During this last ATMOsphere Europe edition held in Barcelona on the 19 and 20 April, 2016, we had the opportunity to participate with the presentation of our R&D Director Vicente Guilabert about low energy consumption in an R290 bottle cooler with variable speed compressor. In this actual case study, the improvement in efficiency has been demonstrated of a bottle cooler when using our propane compressor NLT60FSN, obtaining 39% reduction of energy consumption compared to another standard compressor model NL60TB, also in propane.

More Info: http://www.huayicompressor.es/index.php/news/item/89-atmosphere-europe-2016-the-event-for-natural-refrigerants



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