With the aim of improving the technical support to our customers, Huayi Compressor Barcelona has invested into two new additional climatic chambers for Household and Light Commercial Refrigeration applications.

These new chambers are provided with the most advanced instrumentation technology of the moment to guarantee the best reliability test results. The new chambers allow testing any kind of application: LBP, HBP, VHBP, among others; and they are able to perform different kinds of tests depending on the cabinet type, based on international standards, and also particular testing conditions based on customer’s requests on testing conditions.

In every new chamber it is possible to test 3 appliances at the same time which means a total of 6 additional fully automated testing stations to speed up the response to our customers but always maintaining maximum accuracy.

With the new installation Huayi Compressor Barcelona confirms and consolidates the growth of the European Application Engineering technological center based in Europe.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Jordi Bargalló has joined our company as Application Engineer. Jordi is 28 years old and he is a Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineer. He managed to finalize the studies between two schools, Escola Universitària Salesiana de Sarrià in Barcelona and Glyndwr University in the UK.

After finishing his studies, Jordi worked for an English company dedicated to the manufacture of trailers where he gathered some experience in the production area, and after few months, he decided to return to Barcelona, where he was called from Huayi Compressor Barcelona to join us in the Application Engineering department.

Jordi is committed to bring to his new position his experience in technical assistance and projects with great enthusiasm, and to provide the best solutions and service to customers.

Huayi Compressor Barcelona attended together with Huayi Group the China Refrigeration exhibition held in Beijing. In this exhibition we showed the market our range of products emphasizing those suitable for working with natural refrigerants as R600a and R290. We had visitors from the local market but also from the rest of the world, mainly Latin America and Europe. We expect to meet you again in the Chillventa Exhibition from 11th to 13th of October in Nuremberg, Germany.

HCB has recently updated the Cross Reference App, which is now available in Imperial units. This dynamic tool for IOS and Android, allows you to find Cubigel Compressors® model equivalences among other models of the main brands of compressors available on the market. From now on, you can select the units to see performance data between kCal/h | ºC | Kg | cm and BTU/h | ºF | Lbs | in. Just go to the “Settings” option and change your preferences.

Remember that the App also provides you with the location of the nearest distributor based on the current position and a quick search of our complete catalogue of products.

Shecco has consolidated ATMOsphere as the event to discuss worldwide Natural Refrigerants trends.

During this last ATMOsphere Europe edition held in Barcelona on the 19 and 20 of April, 2016, we had the opportunity to participate with the presentation of our R&D Director Vicente Guilabert about low energy consumption in a R290 bottle cooler with variable speed compressor. In this real case study, it has been demonstrated the efficiency improvement of a bottle cooler when using our propane compressor NLT60FSN, obtaining 39% reduction of energy consumption compared to another standard compressor model NL60TB, also in propane. 

Huayi Compressor Barcelona attended together with Huayi Group to the China Refrigeration exhibition hold in Beijing. In this exhibition we showed to the market our range of products emphasizing those suitable to work with natural refrigerants as R600a and R290. We had visitors from the local market but also from the rest of the world mainly Latin America and Europe. We expect to meet you again in Chillventa Exhibition from 11th to 13th of October in Nuremberg, Germany.

The 7th ATMOsphere Europe conference will take place on 19 & 20 April in Barcelona, Spain, and over these two days, HVAC&R industry experts interested in using natural refrigerants will have the opportunity to discuss the evolution of refrigerant gases and the most optimum and efficient solutions for the commercial refrigeration market.

Vicente Guilabert – R&D Director at Huayi Compressor Barcelona will share the case study “Low energy consumption in a R290 bottle cooler with variable speed compressor”. The presentation will be held on Tuesday 19th at 14:30h.

Dear Customer,

We have left 2015 behind and now it is time to start working to deal with the challenges that 2016 will bring us. But before that, I would like to briefly summarize our achievements during 2015.

2015 has been a good year for both the Huayi Group and Huayi Compressor Barcelona. The Huayi Group has consolidated its position as the largest compressor manufacturer worldwide with more than 39 million compressors sold. Furthermore, at Huayi Compressor Barcelona, we have increased sales by more than 20% with respect to 2014.

We have increased our sales in all markets and all product ranges. We have developed and launched to the market more than 50 new models to meet market requirements in terms of new refrigerants and energy efficiency. Also in 2015 we have signed a partnership agreement with Danfoss. This partnership will allow us to improve in all aspects.

What are the challenges for 2016? For the Huayi Group and Huayi Compressor Barcelona, our target will be to continue to consolidate our position of leadership. For the market, first of all, we will face the difficulties of approving new refrigerants in the face of the new regulations in Europe and the USA, F-Gas and Snap, respectively; and second, to improve energy efficiency in our products to meet the targets of regulations like the Eco-Design directive in Europe and DOE in USA.

We will continue working together with you to comply with these new standards and meet market requirements and expectations.

Pedro Olalla
Sales Director

In our eagerness to offer useful tools to help the daily work of our customers, we have created a new APP for smartphones and tablets that allows searching for our products in an easy and immediate manner. The new Cross Reference APP by Cubigel Compressors® allows the quick search of our catalogue products along with the equivalences of the existing models in the market.

This APP is designed to simplify the search, making it more intuitive and functional. Our distributors, installers, technicians and any professional of the Refrigeration sector who may need a quick product reference can find the best alternative of our compressors only with a click.

Furthermore, this application allows finding the nearest store of our distribution network in a comfortable way without losing time.

The APP is available for IOS and Android where it can be downloaded from the corresponding APP Store and Google Play for immediate use: Simply enter the compressor model that you wish to find and the APP will show the cross information of our equivalence.

During this last year 2015, we have launched to the market more than 50 new compressors for all refrigeration needs and types of applications, extending our product offer for the ranges L, P, U and X.

L & P range extension → 20% more efficient while being more compact thanks to the use of high efficiency mechanics that allow us to replace larger displacement models.

U range extension → The range that redefined efficiency is now more extended.

X range extension → More compact and competitive with the NTC solution

Discover all the new models, download pdf 


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