Dear Customer,

We have left 2015 behind and now it is time to start working to deal with the challenges that 2016 will bring us. But before that, I would like to briefly summarize our achievements during 2015.

2015 has been a good year for both the Huayi Group and Huayi Compressor Barcelona. The Huayi Group has consolidated its position as the largest compressor manufacturer worldwide with more than 39 million compressors sold. Furthermore, at Huayi Compressor Barcelona, we have increased sales by more than 20% with respect to 2014.

We have increased our sales in all markets and all product ranges. We have developed and launched to the market more than 50 new models to meet market requirements in terms of new refrigerants and energy efficiency. Also in 2015 we have signed a partnership agreement with Danfoss. This partnership will allow us to improve in all aspects.

What are the challenges for 2016? For the Huayi Group and Huayi Compressor Barcelona, our target will be to continue to consolidate our position of leadership. For the market, first of all, we will face the difficulties of approving new refrigerants in the face of the new regulations in Europe and the USA, F-Gas and Snap, respectively; and second, to improve energy efficiency in our products to meet the targets of regulations like the Eco-Design directive in Europe and DOE in USA.

We will continue working together with you to comply with these new standards and meet market requirements and expectations.

Pedro Olalla
Sales Director

In our eagerness to offer useful tools to help the daily work of our customers, we have created a new APP for smartphones and tablets that allows searching for our products in an easy and immediate manner. The new Cross Reference APP by Cubigel Compressors® allows the quick search of our catalogue products along with the equivalences of the existing models in the market.

This APP is designed to simplify the search, making it more intuitive and functional. Our distributors, installers, technicians and any professional of the Refrigeration sector who may need a quick product reference can find the best alternative of our compressors only with a click.

Furthermore, this application allows finding the nearest store of our distribution network in a comfortable way without losing time.

The APP is available for IOS and Android where it can be downloaded from the corresponding APP Store and Google Play for immediate use: Simply enter the compressor model that you wish to find and the APP will show the cross information of our equivalence.

During this last year 2015, we have launched to the market more than 50 new compressors for all refrigeration needs and types of applications, extending our product offer for the ranges L, P, U and X.

L & P range extension → 20% more efficient while being more compact thanks to the use of high efficiency mechanics that allow us to replace larger displacement models.

U range extension → The range that redefined efficiency is now more extended.

X range extension → More compact and competitive with the NTC solution

Discover all the new models, download pdf 


During the last quarter of 2015 we have taken a step forward regarding our Compressor Laboratory accreditations. At the end of November we received in our facilities two CVC Inspection Engineers for Laboratory Assessment and Surveillance, which was the final step of the entire process. With the approval of compressors, we are now accredited by CVC with the CCC Mark, which will allow us to speed up the approval process for our Chinese market requirements.

The CVC WMT accreditation for CCC Mark has joined our previous ones: TDAP for VDE and DAP for UL, allowing us to react in a fast and efficient way to customer’s compressor approval demands.

Huayi Compressor Barcelona celebrated the workers day festivity

On last Saturday 23rd of May, Huayi compressor Barcelona, S.L. along with Club UH (Workers association) celebrated the “Employees Party”.

During this celebration, Club UH honored retired employees from last year and install inflatable and amusement facilities for the enjoyment of all employees with their families. 

Dear Customer,

In 2014 our sales grew by 10% with respect to 2013 and in 2015 we expect to reach a similar growth. The first quarter of 2015 shows this trend. With the support of Huayi group, we are opening new markets, specifically in South America and Asia where our presence was very limited. This action will allow us to gain market presence in those areas where commercial refrigeration has higher growth.

ATMOsphere Europe 2015 took place in Brussels on the 16th and 17th of March and it was the meeting point for worldwide industry experts to discuss natural refrigerant trends, the latest technologies and regulatory issues in Europe. The event welcomed around 200 decision makers from the refrigeration industry.
Huayi Compressor Barcelona successfully participated - together with the other companies of the group Huayi Jingdehen, Huayi Jingzhou and Jiaxipera - in the China Refrigeration 2015 exhibition that was held in Shanghai on April 8 to 10 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). This exhibition has become one of the leading exhibitions for HVAC&R industry with more than 40,000 visitors and trade buyers from over 100 countries.

With the high demand for energy savings solutions, Huayi Compressor Barcelona launches the new compressor models NPT18LA and GPT18RA.

The new P extended range represents a more compact, efficient and competitive alternative for the lower displacement models of X ranges with more COP and it provides an equivalent cooling capacity, under nominal conditions. These two new models are equipped with an electrical motor CSR+NTC, without the need for using a voltage relay together with its bulky external electrical box, reducing the dimensions.

Huayi Compressor Barcelona has introduced new high-efficiency models for the U range: HUY55MA, HUY70MA, for R600a and HMBP applications and GUY60NR, GUY70NR and GUY80NR for R134a LMBP applications. 

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